TXGenWeb Visitors Information

A little bit about this web site, how it is structured and what the objectives are.

The objective for this site is to integrate a lot of different information to form the basis for a comprehensive view into the genealogy and history of Duval County. To do this I have had to build databases to hold the following information:

  • Ancestral Records, Family Trees and Heraldry
  • Births Marriages and Death Records
  • Cemeteries, Graves and Headstones
  • Locations of Historical Importance (including Cemeteries)
  • Spanish Land Grant information and maps
Having decided on the overall structure, I then had to determine how to display the different types of information, so decided on the following strategies:
  • Everything must be accessed through any of the regular web browsers
  • Data nust be stored in an industrial strength database system - I used MS SQL
  • Mapping or geographical information had to be displayed as a layer on Google Maps
  • Family Tree information needed to be also displayed in a chart format to easily visulaize some of the tricky relationships
  • Everything had to be easily searchable, including the chart displays and maps

This is a Work in Progress, so bear with me!