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Welcome to Duval County!

Duval County is in South Texas, between Corpus Christi and Laredo. The county was founded in 1858 and later organized in 1876. It is named for Burr H. Duval, the commander of the Kentucky Mustangs who came to help in the Texas Revolution and died in the Goliad Massacre. The county seat is San Diego. San Diego and Duval County have quite a colorful history that rivals Lincoln County, New Mexico, in the arena of gunfights, outlaws and election intrigues. We are bordered on the north by McMullen and Live Oak counties, on the east by Jim Wells, to the west is Webb and south are Jim Hogg and Brooks counties.

Duval County TxGenWeb provides a forum and technology for tracing the ancestral roots of Duval County families, and is a part of the WorldGenWeb, USGenWeb and TXGenWeb projects.

We have developed our own software for building and linking different family trees in order to speed up the process and provide much greater flexibility for displaying information, both in graphical and list format. The system also provides a mechanism for easily dealing with multiple spouses and their children, marriages between relatives, and also provides the unique abilty to link different family trees, both for descendant and ancestral displays in order to provide a better understanding of the relationships.

In addition we have written a document handling application that enables users to easily scan and upload reference documents and images to the web portal and , as appropriate, link them to the relevent tree members.

Through this site we have attempted to provide both a list of useful reference material and links to other informative sites to help other users gain a better understanding of where they came from.